Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Regular Stuff

This week one of my readers asked why I don't post 'regular stuff' on my blog.  I have to admit, it never crossed my mind that readers would be interested in my day-to-day details, but hey, why not? So, by popular demand, here's some regular stuff.

It has been a scorching hot week here at Woodland Media Creative Services studios, and I'm not talkin' promotional smack. It's been literally hot with heat indices up to 100 with high levels of humidity. It's the kind smothering, wet heat that makes outside work miserable, but I do it anyway because it's great to clear my head.  It was exciting to see my blackberry bushes maturing and producing YUGE berries about three inches long and resembling Marge Simpson's hair.

Finishing up in the garden, I typically come into the air conditioning where my glasses fog up and settle in for a writing or recording session. My latest work is recording Viv Drewa's book, Owl of the Sipan Lord.  It's an intriguing mystery featuring a strong female protagonist, Clare Montgomery, who investigates a series of unexplained events in an archeological dig site in Peru, where her husband met his death.

We're working hard to bring you this exciting, paranormal mystery in audiobook, coming soon.

Another exciting thing that happened this week...I have a Phantom in my house.  Phantom is my new cat. We adopted him from the local Humane Society about three weeks ago. He's an adult who is a little over four years old and who was surrendered by his owners. We brought him home, and he hid out in our house for three whole weeks before coming out to socialize. He's a huge cat that appears to be part Maine Coon, with white and black fur. His black fur forms a mask over his eyes.  That and the fact that he was so elusive is what prompted me to name him Phantom, as in 'of the opera.'  Fortunately, he's catching on to our routines and seems to like it here--in small doses.

Regular Stuff - #Itneverfails